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Father’s Day was child-free. Alex and Nick are doing summer school courses, but they called to send their love. Home With Bryon Absence, and the greens needing to be picked, made our hearts grow fonder. Home With Bryon Bryon and Buster looked over the corn I planted last week. Home With Bryon Birds had eaten some of the seeds as soon as they had begun to sprout. Home With Bryon Our first peaches have ripened. They are sweet and have a floral scent. We covered the tree with a net to protect the fruit. Home With Bryon We need to get more nets to protect our nectarines. Home With Bryon The collard green plant reminds me of Audrey II … Home With Bryon Spinach. It’s growing more slowly than expected, probably because of the heat. Home With Bryon

Vegetarians returning from the kill. Home With Bryon

I brought these into the office for my staff today. Home With Bryon

It was all that Bryon could fit into the cooler.