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The garden needed to be reined in. Even after the summer ended, we continued to find rogue potatoes sprouting in the soil. We tossed them over the fence, confident that animals passing through would sample them. Bryon placed plastic over the beds to kill off the stubborn weeds and hangers-on before planting this summer’s seeds.The Reset

Time for a little thinning and weeding. The Reset

So far, we’ve planted Asian greens, shallots, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and squash. The Reset

Buster supervised our work (when he wasn’t chasing lizards).The Reset

A bee in one of our mandarin blossoms. (I wish I could photograph the scent.)The Reset

A strange fungus on our peach and nectarine trees. Bryon needs to spray.The Reset

A bee at work in a nectarine tree.

The Reset

Buster, still on the chase.