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How long had it been since my last girls’ weekend? Ages. (Really.) Even longer since I’d seen my two friends (high school). We met at the Buckhorn Inn, a lovely bed and breakfast in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Great Smoky WeekendMornings started with tasty breakfasts and a stroll to visit the inn’s swans, Penn and Teller. Swans are like geese–they bite! We still brought them bread to nibble.Great Smoky WeekendWe spent the weekend meandering around the nearby parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a peaceful backdrop for reminiscing.Great Smoky WeekendRoadside view.Great Smoky WeekendOne of the old homestead cabins. A reminder of the pioneers’ hard lives.Great Smoky WeekendOne of many roadside waterfalls. Blink and you’ll miss them.Great Smoky WeekendDeer know when it’s hunting season … and where. They are happy to come out and play. Great Smoky WeekendEven those of us who drive past don’t disturb the young deer feeding nearby.Great Smoky WeekendStreet life takes on a different meaning here.Great Smoky WeekendWhen you stop traffic, you can take as long as you like.Great Smoky WeekendSome preferred to simply pass through without fanfare.Great Smoky WeekendA rare moment without cars.Great Smoky WeekendJoli and Patty.