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The summer is winding down, and so much remains undone.Long Time, No SeeI have to watch where I step, because it is almost late afternoon. Snakes may be underfoot.Long Time, No SeeParsley to the left of me, potatoes to the right.Long Time, No SeeThe soil is quite rich. (Hat tip to our mulch pile, fortified by chicken manure).Long Time, No SeeBlack beans, which dried on the vine.Long Time, No SeeGarlic, a work in progress.Β Long Time, No SeeReplanting the garlic. Investing in the culinary future.Long Time, No SeeTiger melons, stalking the jungle.Long Time, No See“Even when the garden doesn’t look its best, you can always find enough here to eat for a day.” (Easily.)Long Time, No SeeThe sorrel was planted last year. Bryon tilled the soil, turning over what was left, and it just kept growing.Long Time, No SeeA sweet potato lurking in the center of a wheel of roots and leaves.Long Time, No SeeCasaba melon, very sweet and floral. Also good in fruit smoothies.Long Time, No SeeOne of today’s harvest.