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The birds know when they ripen before we do. It has become a race to pluck our Pink Ladies, walk off with our Wealthys, or snatch our Suntans. About Those Apples ...The apples mature at different times, and some varieties are better for cooking, eating, or pollinating.About Those Apples ...But what do you with all of them? How much pie can you bake? (Julian, the self-proclaimed apple-pie capital of our region, has this covered. Trust me on this.)About Those Apples ...First, Bryon needs to peel them. (The deer have assured us that the peels and cores do not go to waste.)About Those Apples ...Soaking them in a bath of cinnamon, citric acid and a little sugar helps preserve color and flavor.WeAbout Those Apples ... We have four layers of drying apples. With patience (and a little self-control) we can enjoy a tasty snack.About Those Apples ...The persimmons are also ripening on the tree, but the last few years have taught us that patience is not always a virtue. The raccoons have beaten us to the prize nearly every time.