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It’s a typical Saturday ritual:  I’m catching up on work.

“What’s for lunch?”Scrounging For Lunch

“Oh no, I couldn’t–it’s too pretty.” (This is a French heirloom pumpkin crossed with a Jarrahdale.)Scrounging For Lunch“Do we have the ingredients?”Scrounging For LunchWe only needed the white part of the leek.Scrounging For LunchSome fennel …Scrounging For LunchA few white potatoes …Scrounging For LunchAfrican red onions …Scrounging For Lunchand some shallots. (Bryon’s shallots have done well this year.)Scrounging For LunchThe carrots would be put to use another time. It was easier–and harder–to concentrate with a pot simmering on the stove nearby.