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Light. Water. Time.Garden, UnleashedBuster wants to see what we have to show for ours.Garden, UnleashedPersimmons. Tricky to photograph, since these sway in the breeze. Harder to harvest because raccoons sneak in during the night and swipe the ripe ones.Garden, UnleashedAsian pears. Not quite ripe yet–the birds will tell us when they’re ready.Garden, UnleashedOne of the bees, in our cilantro.Garden, UnleashedAn onion, climbing out the garden ahead of schedule.Garden, UnleashedThai basil.Garden, UnleashedYellow zucchini, with flowers.Garden, UnleashedCarrot, ready to flower.Garden, UnleashedEggplant flower.Garden, UnleashedPink Lady apples. Watched carefully by the birds, who will peck a hole to tell us how tasty they are. (Gee, thanks.)Garden, UnleashedAnother onion, striving to escape. (What is it about these onions?)Garden, UnleashedAmaranth. Out standing in the crowd.Garden, UnleashedChestnuts.Garden, UnleashedBeans. Garden, UnleashedA very small cornfield. So far, this crop has come farther than last year’s which was blown over in a windstorm. If we’re lucky, we’ll get tasty popcorn.Garden, UnleashedFuture Roma tomatoes.Garden, UnleashedPart of the day’s harvest:  over 10 pounds of carrots and as many pounds of cabbage. We had already brought up 30 pounds of nectarines.