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The Yarnell Hill Fire burned throughout the week, and flags remained at half-staff throughout Arizona. As we hiked through Lockett Meadow, it was not hard to think about the sense of loss that will remain after the press attention subsides.Life After WildfireThe Schultz Fire, Arizona’s largest wildfire in 2010, burned over 15,000 acres. The eastern slopes of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff still show fire damage.Life After Wildfire Sunset Crater is in the distance. Monsoon clouds overhead, but not enough rain here.Life After WildfireThe trees are still fragile.Life After Wildfire The aspen grove of the Inner Basin had been spared because the firefighters worked so hard to save it.

Man-made damage takes many shapes.Life After WildfireSometimes it can be whimsical.Life After WildfireNature can keep you guessing.Life After WildfireA wildflower on the path.Life After WildfireNote to self:  come back when the leaves change.Life After WildfireThe hike was a steady uphill climb, making the return trip a downhill jog. Life After WildfireDon’t be fooled:  there were other hikers who had come from as far away as Phoenix to escape the summer heat (110 degrees F).Life After WildfireBuster, cooling off before getting back on the trail.Life After WildfireClouds moved overhead, as an afternoon monsoon threatened anything from a light shower to a flash flood. Luckily we made it back to the car without being rained on.