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These neighbors are easily overlooked; they are ubiquitous whether or not we want them to be. They enjoy the fruits of others’ labors as happily as they dine on yesterday’s garbage.Bugs' Lives Our bees have finer palates, dining on rosemary and basil, and drinking the nectar of our fruit trees.Bugs' LivesSome visitors are more welcome than others.Bugs' LivesIt’s true:  our neighbors are not always welcome. Bugs' LivesPlants are nonverbal and therefore cannot come to the defense of those who help pollinate them. If you love honey (or know somebody who does), you understand why this matters.Bugs' LivesNot all insects are blessed with such tasty P.R.Bugs' LivesEven in the wilderness looks aren’t everything. Bugs' LivesThe bees who live near us help with everything from (broccoli) soup to nuts.