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… and we say, “What kind?”

These heirloom tomatoes were preserved for future spaghetti sauce today.

These Green Zebras should be ripe in a week or two.

These cocktail-style tomatoes are what Bryon calls “volunteers”–they just appeared in the garden and decided to grow. “Cocktail tomatoes” are no bigger than a golf ball.

These Indigo Rose tomatoes are not yet ripe.

A Celebrity tomato.

What’s a summer garden without a bunch of zucchini?

Future sweet potatoes lurk below.

As these gourds grow larger, they can be dried and used as bath sponges.

Gophers, mice, and squirrels know our garden well. Unfortunately, they have very good taste.

This racer snake was as unhappy to see me as I was to see him. That said, he is welcome here because he dines on the gophers and mice who break in through their “Great Escape” tunnel network.

The snake is is about four feet in length. Here, he is impersonating a viper in order to look more threatening.

Volunteer tiger melons. We didn’t plant them–they are a remnant from last summer’s garden.

These peppers will be screaming hot when they are ripe. A little will go a very long way.

These Vidalia onions are small because Bryon planted them from seeds and got a late start.

Carrots. They’re next.

The yellow bell pepper was very sweet when we tasted it.

Green Zebra tomatoes gain a golden tint–and a nice tang–when they get ripe.