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The trailhead started at Coconino Community College and was a nice, easy hike. We did not go as far as we wanted to, but only because we ran short of time.

This was a gift from the U.S. Naval Observatory, donated to the college in 2008.

This flower bloomed right next to the parking lot.

We didn’t see any elves nearby. (Yes, we looked!)

Because of its location near the classrooms, we wondered whether this is used as an instructional space. What kinds of classes are taught here?

Bryon noticed that this bee moved from flower to flower in a very specific pattern, so he was able to anticipate where it was going next and tell me where to point my camera.

I didn’t see the second one until I reviewed my photos later.

One of many that stick to my socks.

Luckily this dragonfly stayed as still as it did for as long as it did.

We suspected this horned toad was standing guard duty over a nearby nest.