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While Bryon blanches and freezes the 20-odd quarts of spinach he harvested this morning, I can show you how the garden progressed this week. We discovered that Buster had broken into a trash bag to investigate the empty dog biscuit box and pancetta wrapper. When confronted with the evidence, he was immediately apologetic:  “I’m sorry … I don’t know what got into me. Honest.”

Golden zucchini and Romaine lettuce are plentiful right now. There is also lots of spinach and kale. Peas and beans are sprouting flowers.

                                                                               Here’s our first tomato: We also have plenty of beets. They’ll be good roasted on salads, with chicken or pork or made any number of ways. Perhaps we should find a borscht recipe–or two. It looks as though it will be another good year for pumpkins as well. Good news for soup and muffins.

As a reward for our hard work, two sun-ripened strawberries appeared. We savored their sweet and delicate flavor. The persimmons are ripening slowly. Soon there will also be apples.