Funny I should come across this as I start writing a blog. What is the lesson? Balance. Perspective. Patience. First Things First. (I couldn’t choose just one!)

Change The Code

Internet Addiction

One of the reasons behind living a minimalist lifestyle is to choose what is important and meaningful.

What activities make my life better?

Exercise and eating healthy(most of the time!). Having time to reflect and be introspective. Reading. Not spending money on useless crap.

Well what about Facebook and the internet? I am online right now dong this post. It is a creative outlet for me.

I have a Facebook account. But I no longer post status updates unless it is about this blog.

No one really cares about my life. And I don’t really care about anyone else’s. Sorry. Someone is taking out the trash or going to work or studying some useless topic. How does knowing this make my life better? It doesn’t.

Are you addicted to Facebook?

Here are some signs you may be addicted to Facebook.

  • Do you have any “friends” you’ve never met…

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